The Cliffs of Insanity

I had high hopes for this month’s reading list.

The Book Owls sent in their recommendations. I even bought one of the books new, which I rarely do, because I was excited (no spoilers, I’m reading it next month).

I will not give excuses.

I will, however, give a reason.

Anxiety and depression are a repulsive pair of normal emotional challenges gone wild and off the chain.

Due to my own issues in handling stressors, three quarters of this month were taken up in battling depressive symptoms and anxiety flare-ups.

Reading, along with writing, thinking, singing, and other typically joyful pursuits had to take a back seat when eating, working, bathing, and other necessities became difficult.

Unlike many who have these awful burdens and struggle with them intensely for months on end, things came back toward balance for me with a week left to the month.

Amy, for her contribution to Book Owl month, allowed me to borrow her 30th anniversary edition of The Princess Bride.

While I’d like to say I picked it up first just because it was on loan vs. purchased, that’s not entirely true.

I picked it up first because the movie is a favorite of mine and, after what I’d just been through, I wanted to go somewhere familiar.

It doesn’t hurt that I could join Fezzik in his climb up the Cliffs of Insanity, since his confidence in his strength could carry the world. Honestly, his climb carried me on my way back up to smiling for no reason again.

I may squeeze a bit of Monika’s contribution to the list in before the end of the month, but for now, I’m going to finish The Princess Bride.

And I’m going to finish a blog post.

Both of those count as a win.


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