Bookmarking With Style

As a reader, I love a bookish things (of course, books best of all). But there are bookshelves to love and fuss over, which must be the right height, carry all the books we like, and have room enough to always squeeze just one more in. Add to that ereaders which need to have the right back-lighting and a curated library of backup titles, and backup-backup titles, just in case the physical book I carry around should be a faster read than expected.

In addition to these glorious commodities, there is one that seems to carry the bulk of a reader’s self-expression – a companion from story to story, right through the shelves.

The bookmark.

The bookmark bug starts early, often back in elementary school days when there were stacks of them on the librarian’s desk. My favorites had pictures of animals on them – didn’t matter what kind. The more popular ones had celebrities or cartoon characters on them, usually with READ on them in big thick letters.

For something with just the one job to do, it’s amazing the technology people have come up with just to mark a page!

Take a look on some of the online shops, particularly self-starting craft shops, and you’ll see clips, charms, ribbons, chains, elastic bands, and even the occasional multi-tasker bookmark. I saw one the other day that was a pen when folded and a bookmark when flat. Sounds like a dream for note takers.

Pragmatists have their own prime options for bookmarks. Post-it notes/flags come in massive packs and you can mark which point in the page you stopped, if you want to be especially accurate.

Any piece of scrap paper, card, or even a paper clip does the job, no frills required!

I’m partial to using a clean square of TP, usually folded over, since reading on the John is a nice way to use that spare time. I’ve also been known to use the receipt from buying the book or borrowing it from a library. Business cards are excellent, but I don’t get that many anymore.

One fun way to mark your place is with something you crafted. There are some page corner bookmarks  that are fairly easy to make yourself. They can get nice and fancy or simple and fun.

You can make conventional insert bookmarks with quotes from the book you’re reading, or decorate it to commemorate one of our favorite scenes. That is, if you’re feeling creative and have the time.


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