Podcast Alert! Writing Excuses

This is a busy time of year! As you know, I’m an advocate of writers having day jobs if the situation fits for them, and I follow that path myself. At this point, it’s not a choice so much as a necessity. Everyone progresses at different rates. That said, it’s the busiest time of the year in my office and the writing work has been piling up.

In place of an article, this week I’d like to recommend an excellent podcast episode that went live earlier this week from Writing Excuses. They’re marvelous people who generate high quality content, and I look forward to each episode in their current series on Elemental Genre.

This last theory and technique episode, Season 11 Episode 14, is the first to explore The Element of Adventure. The episode, as all of them, is only 15 minutes long (“…because you’re in a hurry, and we’re not that smart!”) but packed with enlightening material.

To get even more out of their comments, take advantage of their episode-specific writing prompt and check out their audiobook pick-of-the-week! (Thanks to them, too, for the considerate content alert for this one.)

Remember, look for 11.14: The Element of Adventure.

Writing Excuses – 11.14: The Element of Adventure



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