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Reading is wonderful. Writing wouldn’t be an industry without people for whom reading is a large part of their mental input. Fabulous as reading is, a well-rounded diet of information is critical for creativity and developing healthy intelligence.

Stories, facts, history, and opinion pour out to the public using an ever-widening index of mediums. There are nuggets of inspiration in all of them! Of course, it’s impossible to take them all in, and most should be taken with a dose of skepticism until they’re vetted out. Where inspiration is concerned, a wide knowledge-base with a diverse portfolio of information input expands the mind and enriches the written word.

Included at the end of this post are some sources and links, but these are limited to what we’ve tried and found excellent. Just as not every reader will love the same book, not every podcast/blog/twitter/etc. will appeal to every person. Part of the fun is exploration and sampling for yourself.

Before we share, though, this list was inspired by a recent podcast episode by Writing Excuses. In “Idea, as Genre, with Nancy Fulda”, they discuss idea stories and how these tales explore the ramifications of human growth or change. Give the episode a listen, it’s really great! The point that stood out for me was when one of the hosts (I’m new to the podcast, so I don’t know everyone yet) commented that real life stories, especially the ones that are not well-known, are a great way to internalize cause and effect in human decisions. He gives the example of a semi-famous 2-plane crash in midair over the Grand Canyon, as the root of modern air traffic control.



Benefits of a Wide Knowledge Base:




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A Few of Our Favorite Sources (Blogs, TV, Podcasts, etc.):










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