Expand YourShelf

Expand YourShelf is all about reading and writing to learn, grow, and discover new topics to pursue.

Hopefully, posts here will inspire you to make the most of your reading, and expose you to things you never knew existed.

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Reading is a big deal. According to a popular little adage circled around the internet (often with a picture of a baby), it’s the way people download new software into their brains. We all like new stuff, and leveling up, so let’s do more together.

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Writing is a popular source of entertainment and enrichment, plus it’s a marvelous way to justify spending a lot of time on the computer comparing notes on things that haven’t, shouldn’t, and never will exist. So what does that say when you’ve got a degree in it? Don’t answer that.

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Weirdness abounds in the world. Sometimes you trip over it, sometimes it trips you on purpose. It tends to whack me over the head with a pool noodle. If it’s fun enough, how can I not share? You may find your next obsession here. I’ll try to make it easy.

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